- BrandPrefixSuffix - generates domain names using prefixes and suffixes
- BrandWords1, BrandWords2 - generates brand domain names
- None - tool checks domain availability for different TLDs: .com .org .net .info .biz .us .me .club
- For other categories tool generates domain names for specific niche

Suggestmedomain.com helps to find catchy domain names

Generate creative, short, brandable, memorable domain names for your personal or business website, blog, app. The vocabulary consists of 3500+ suffixes, prefixes, brand words and popular domain trends.

How to use Suggest Me Domain?

Type in root word that fits your business/personality, then click Generate Button. The tool will generate best unregistered domain name ideas and instantly check domains availability.

First try BrandPrefixSuffix, BrandWords1, BrandWords2 categories. You can choose a niche category: architecture, art, auto, education, dating, health, travel, and other.

Try different words, categories to find more domain variations and choose a perfect one.

Click on a Domain Name to check its availability and register for a discounted price.

Best domain names suggestions for bloggers, artists, designers, travellers, writers, freelancers, marketers, realtors, photographers, programmers, lawyer, web developers, gamers; E-commerce, beauty, fashion, wedding, fitness business owners.

Secure Domain Name Search

SuggestMeDomain.com is a SSL-secured website, all information is encrypted. Also, we never use your searches, because we don't save any search data from users.

Tips on how to choose a perfect domain name:

- It should be easily spelled and memorized;

- Avoid trademark infringement;

- .COM is the most popular and recognized domain extension in the world. This extension suits for any type of a website;

- Consider to use keywords. Keywords in a domain name can help your website to rank high in Search Engines;

- Avoid hyphens, double letters and numbers. Such domain names sound generic;

- Top 5 most popular websites have about 6 letters in their domain name. This domain generator allows to find 6, 7, 8 letters available for registration domain names.

Great Domain Names Examples:

Google.com, reddit.com, dropbox.com, wordpress.com, digitalocean.com, paypal.com, vimeo.com, uber.com, groupon.com, namecheap.com, pinterest.com, buzzfeed.com, linkedin.com, stackoverflow.com, soundcloud.com, salesforce.com

Review by the Blogger Allanah, createyourwebsite.co:

"I think it is the most useful tool I have yet found because the words are organised by category and so come up with domain names that are much more meaningful than the generic prefixes and suffixes that all the other tools generate. Well done! I had a proper play around with it and I found it very impressive and plan to include it in a new online course I am creating".


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